New Year, New Efforts

With the final PDF around the corner, updates and fleshing out of several placeholder pages are being done, with push for a beta release. Though our custom chat is not yet complete, we will be using placeholders until it is finished. More details will be made public as they are available.


Progress notes, December

I started work in retail in early November. Since then, my time dried up as I got used to a night job and had my smartphone die on me. I hadn’t had time or energy to work on our online sites, but under the hood: we’ve begun to really move forward on how we’ll work as a community and game, speaking to our initial players about rules, concerns, some things they want to look forward to.

The work on the forums and plans an interim chat are underway for a cold opening alpha run in anticipation of the final release of Exalted Third Edition and the completion of our engine. Our coder has been taking a well-deserved holiday and so our chat will be likewise not liable to start over the holidays.

I am moving the soft launch for our site to March. This was never a set firm date and this too is not firm either and may be subject to change. We are still seeking storytellers and a ruling of mine will look like it’ll have to change. It’s early in the development stages, however so we still have plenty of time to set things more firmly.

Thank you all for your incredible patience and faith in us.


Anima Reborn Staff

The Return of White Wolf

As some may know, Paradox Interactive has acquired all White Wolf IPs still owned by CCP for cash. A new company has been set up-a reborn White Wolf Publishing. We do know that they want to make video games and that they are considering all partnerships involved in those IPs.

What we don’t know is what that means for Exalted Third Edition. I have made the decision to trust in PI, OPP and the development team for Ex3. We will be continuing forward here as life hits us with challenges.

Thank you for your patience.

Progress update

Once the weekend is over, staff will be talking about how to proceed. There will be a great deal of work behind the scenes for handling our lovely game and making it the very best for our equally lovely players. There’s been a fair amount of interest from folks and that’s great!

Our engine is in development now. Our programmer is working hard and proofs of concept have been seen. I am truly excited about the potential and possibilities for us. I’ll keep folks updated here as updates are available.

We still do not have a set launch date, but there’s a lot yet to be decided. I hope that everyone has a lot of fun and feels welcomed by our staff when we open our doors. Once the corebook is out, you’ll be seeing a lot of placeholders be filled out. Take it easy, everyone!

More forum work and staff updates

Working on improving the layout and readability of the forum. Working up rules and usergroups still, though I did take a few days off. I will be continuing work as we continue to look for STs and moderators for our forums and upcoming chat.

Thanks to the generous and hardworking Volund, we now have a programmer who will be helping set up a unique to Anima Reborn chat solution for our games. The chat will be easy to use for those used to IRC but have deeper options available for those who wish to use them and the STs to be able to present the best game we can. More details will be forthcoming as they become available. The bad news: there is currently no date this will be finished. We may be delayed in our start, but this just gives more time for more books to be released by Onyx Path Publishing/CCP and gives more immediate character options for our players!

We hope to have more news soon and we may have an IRC beta to drum up support and keep people interested.

We are still looking for staff!

We’re still working!

…but welcome to Anima Reborn! We’re a roleplay community game, centered around Exalted: Third Edition and the West. We are planning a January 1 opening, but keep an eye out for news as we get our act together. Interested in becoming staff? Click Contact Us and submit an application! We’re looking for new people who want to both learn from the past and do new things!